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Wet shaving is our business and we want to excel.

 At Rhys Razors we take pride in selling fine wet shaving supplies, and offering great prices for our customers. Thousands of people across the globe are rediscovering the art of traditional wet shaving and it is our goal to not only provide them with some of the greatest wet shaving supplies available at the best prices but also with the information they need to enjoy every shave.
It doesn’t matter what your reason is for switching to wet shaving, our promise is to provide you with the best service and information. We want to start you out right in order to turn your daily shave from a chore into a relaxing and enjoyable part of your daily routine.
Check out our Articles page to learn more about wet shaving. Learn about the benefits of wet shaving, taking care of a straight razor, shaving brushes, soaps, double edge safety razors, and more!!
We currently offer double edge safety razors perfect for both beginners and experienced wet shavers alike. We also offer a selection of razor blades for sale at this time.
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Some of our wet shaving safety razors for sale on our site, to complement our other wet shaving supplies.