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was introduced to wet shaving several years ago while studying abroad in the Middle East, there it was common for a barber to also be competent with a straight razor. Although I didn’t think much of it at the time I still remember how close and comfortable of a shave it was. A few years later and I was still a broke college student looking for a way to save money when I came across an article that pointed out the cost saving benefits of wet shaving. After remembering my excellent wet shaving experience in the Middle East it didn’t take long for me to get a basic wet shaving kit and make it a part of my daily routine.
Now a year later and I enjoy getting the opportunity to teach others about wet shaving. Wet shaving can be beneficial whether you are looking to save money, are simply unimpressed with 3 or 4 blade cartridge razors, or are tired of dealing with ingrown hairs and irritating shaves.
This site was built to for several reasons, first and foremost of which is to help educate others about wet shaving. Second, is to provide new information and entertaining articles to experienced wet shavers that have already caught the shaving acquisition disorder (SAD) bug. Finally, to provide a platform to sell fine wet shaving products at low prices and offer great customer service. As a recent college graduate I understand the value of getting the most value out of every dollar.
Rhys Razors officially began as an Ebay only retailer back in April of 2014, and since then we have sold hundreds of our Rhys Razors safety razors and thousands of razor blades across the globe. We have successfully shipped our fine wet shaving products across the USA, into Canada, and other international locations including Greece, Italy, Serbia, Russia, Hong Kong, Norway, and more. Today we continue to offer great products both on Ebay and a full selection of wet shaving products here on our site.

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