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An Introduction to Wet Shaving

Closeup Shave

The Perfect Shave

Shaving does not have to be a chore; it does not have to be a routine task, or a painful way to start your day. Getting a perfect shave is easy to do with the right information, practice, and likely, a slight change in your shaving gear. This article is part one in a series…

Articles About Wet Shaving

Wet Shaving Gear

Five Rules of Wet Shaving

1. Patience is key. Patience when wet shaving is not just recommended, it is a necessity. Think of this as an opportunity to treat yourself and convert what was once just a necessary daily activity into a practice that you enjoy and look forward to. With patience comes a steadier hand and smoother passes across…

Articles About Shaving With A Straight Razor


Book Review: Shaving Made Easy

Shaving Made Easy: What The Man Who Shaves Ought To Know Although it was first published in 1905, many of the techniques for shaving with a straight razor have not changed since then. At the time of its first publishing, hollow ground straight razors were still new and this book was certainly an important guide…