1. Patience is key.

Patience when wet shaving is not just recommended, it is a necessity. Think of this as an opportunity to treat yourself and convert what was once just a necessary daily activity into a practice that you enjoy and look forward to. With patience comes a steadier hand and smoother passes across your face, which reduces the risk of irritating your skin and nicking yourself.

2. Prepare for your shave.

Preparing for your daily shave does not have to be complicated. For most wet shavers it starts with moisturizing your face: whether that comes from a shower, washing your face with a glycerin soap, or through the use of a preshave oil, is up to you. Next, comes the preparation of your shaving equipment by wetting your brush and if you prefer warming up your soap and razor with warm water. This is also a good time to take note of your shaving gear. Is there something that you are running out of, and need to order soon? Or does your razor need any maintenance or cleaning?

3. A BBS (Baby Butt Smooth) shave is not always possible.

Although getting a BBS shave is the Pièce de résistance of wet shaving, it is not always possible to get one. Attempting to get a BBS shave every day will only serve to irritate your face. Focus on your technique and with experience, you will increase the likelihood that you will get that perfect shave.

4. Know your blade.

For those that use a safety razor, different types of blades each cut your facial hair in different ways (this is often summarized with the acronym YMMV, your mileage may vary). This often means that certain blades may require a slight alteration to your shaving technique. A sharper blade may require fewer passes and/or a slower pass over your face and vice versa for a duller blade. For anyone that uses a straight razor, this kind of knowledge only comes with experience (as well as patience and a steady hand). Maintaining your razor and keeping a clean edge will help ensure that you experience few accidents when shaving.

5. Know your face.

No two faces are the same. Differences in the elasticity of our skin, bone structure, and other facial features (such as skin blemishes) can require slight nuances that differentiate one man’s shaving routine from another. If you are new to wet shaving, it is also important to take note of the direction that your facial hair grows in. Starting the first pass of your morning shave going against the grain of your hair, will often leave your face irritated or result in you nicking your face. Taking a minute to map out your facial hair and any blemishes can literally save your skin.

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